JP (Jean-Pierre) Gauthier, Sales Representative
Bilingual Listing Protégé
Phone: 613-369-5972

As the son of an influential commercial real estate broker in Sudbury, On. There is little surprise that JP found his way into the real estate business, some might say it's in his blood.

JP entered real estate with over 12 years of sales experience under his belt, having previously worked as a sales man for Canadian Select Farm Foods and Ottawa Honda, where he was awarded Top Salesman for 3 year in a row due to his outstanding customer service.

When he's not helping sellers to get their homes ready to sell, or negotiating a win-win deal JP likes to hit the slopes as an avid downhill skier, strap on some skates and hit the rink for a good hockey game and for those few months we get some green grass JP loves to find the time for a round or two of golf.

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