Tips to Selling your Home: When is the best time of year to sell?
by Dave Williams

The truth of real estate is that the Best Priced, Nicest Looking homes in the Right Location sell the fastest, for the most money and with the least amount of trouble...

...month after month,

...year after year.

The spring market each year is where we see the most homes selling (nearly 40% of homes sell in April, May,. and June, as oppose to 15% Nov-Jan), but that doesn't mean its the best time to sell. Looking at the average price of home sales in Ottawa over the last several years, the highest in their respective years were February (2012), June (2011), and October (2010/09).

The important thing to know is homes sell year round, hundreds every month, even when it's slow...making the best time to sell; the minute your home is ready.

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The 4 Pillars of Real Estate Sales


With the turbulent market this year you've been asking "What can I do to get my home ready to sell?"

It's a big question so I'll break it down into some smaller chunks (that is how you eat an elephant after all).

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