Home Team Ottawa's Power Team

This is the super star support team that keeps Home Team Ottawa's agents firing on all cylinders.

Maria Roldan - Customer Care Specialist
Sales Representative
Phone: 613-788-2113
Email: HTOSales@HallmarkOttawa.com

A licensed REALTOR® herself, Maria keeps the team office running by keeping open lines of communication with clients, other REALTORS®, the team, lawyers, couriers, mortgage brokers, home inspectors, appraisers, broker offices and more.

When dealing with Home Team Ottawa, Maria is your point of contact at 613-788-2113

Audrey Heron - Listing Support Specialist
Unlicensed Assistant
Phone: 613-369-5960
Email: HTOListings@HallmarkOttawa.com

Our M.V.P. of the listing department, Audrey coordinates between the listing agents, sellers, external agents, RE/MAX's administrative department and the showing coordinators to ensure a smooth operation of all our homes listed for sale.

When your home is listed for sale with Home Team Ottawa, Audrey is your main point of contact at 613-369-5960

Zach Rees-Sirotich - Marketing Co-Ordinator
Unlicensed Assistant
Phone: 613-788-2594
Email: HomeTeamMarketing@HallmarkOttawa.com

With a major in marketing and years of experience working for a large Canadain REIT promoting thier listings on-line Zach is a westerner discovering Ottawa everyday as her researches our communities, neighbourhoods and quaint spots. 

With his unique perspective and creativity Zach markets our team and properties to showcase our listings the the right buyers.

David Williams - Business Development Manager
Phone: 613-788-7426
Email: HTOop@HallmarkOttawa.com 

A fusion of real estate experience and creativity, Dave manages our Service & Marketing teams.